Boiler and Central Heating Cover

Boiler and Heating Cover

Deciding on if you should purchase Boiler and Central Heating Cover is dependant on a number of factors. You need to consider facts such as how new your heating system is, as if it is newly fitted then it could actually be covered under a Manufacturers Warranty. Are you looking to move home soon anyway and really don't think that you will benefit from the insurance? If your heating system is getting on a bit and think it is due to start with problems do you already have the money saved to replace it in full if so, you need to consider if you would benefit from taking out a policy just yet, but it may be that a cash sum is given toward the cost of a new system by your insurance and so you might actually still benefit.
You also need to keep in mind the type of heating system you would like installed next, then you might actually be eligible for a Government Grant to improve the insullation of your home and maybe you could even look into solar heating?

There are a number of providers of Boiler and Heating Insurance and the cost, along with what is covered varies dependant on the type of cover you purchase.

How much does Boiler and Heating Insurance Cost?

You can usually purchase a basic boiler breakdown plan for around £7 per month and this would normally cover breakdown repairs, including parts and VAT but be aware that on each call out you would need to pay a set fee of around £50. If it turns out that your boiler or heating system is broken beyond repair than you would normally be given a cash sum toward a new system but each policy can vary as you how much will actually be given.

A basic central heating breakdown insurance plan would normally be around £9 per month and would cover boiler repairs, electrical faults on your heating system, hot water system repairs, call out, parts, labour and VAT but again you would need to pay £50 each time a call out is made.

You can also get insurance plans which cover you for breakdowns and also an annual service which are obviously more expensive, but read the policy carefully as there could still be exclusions and charges applied.

Also if your heater or boiler is LPG fuelled or a duel purpose boiler such as Aga or Rayburn then they may not be covered at all so always check this out.

Providers of Boiler and Heating Insurance

Whatever level of insurance cover you decide is most suitable for you there are a number of insurers out there offering different packages for different prices, so don't settle for the first one that you come across, search around and do some research. A few potential insurers are listed below to help get your search off to a start.

* British Gas boiler and heating insurance
* Homeserve boiler and heating insurance
* uSwitch boiler and heating insurance
* nPower boiler and heating insurance
* Reactfast boiler and heating insurance
* Domestic and General boiler and heating insurance

Remember that it isn't only energy providers that offer boiler and heating insurance other perhaps less obvious companies such as Direct line and Swinton also offer competitive policies, so once again search around. Bookmark and Share

Updated on 7th January, 2010

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