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Car Insurance

Car Insurance Policy Types

There are many variations as to what policies for motor car insurance include and it can be a little confusing trying to understand exactly what you can and cannot have included in your car insurance policy.

We have put together a list of different types of cover available to try and help you understand exactly what is out there and also to highlight that if a mainstream provider supplies you with a quotation that you feel is high, then contact a specialist provider who's focus is vehicles and people which fall outside of "standard". You may find that there is a huge difference in cost just because you have sought a company that specialises in your vehicle or circumstances.

Basic Types of Car Insurance Cover

* Fully Comprehensive Insurance
* Third Party, Fire and Theft (TPFT)
* Third Party Only Insurance (TP)

Read our interesting article on whether Fully Comp or TPFT works out cheaper.

Additional Benefits Which You May Require

* Replacement car if your car is in a non fault accident
* Replacement car if your car is in an own fault accident
* Complimentary breakdown cover
* Protected no claims bonus
* Multiple car discounts
* Low cost car insurance
* Insurance for young drivers
* Kit Cars
* Low excess
* Insurance specifically for men or women
* Speciality insurance such as Classic and Performance Cars
* Imported Car specialised insurance
* Monthly instalment payment option

Try to establish before you request your car insurance quotation exactly which benefits you would like included and tailor your search to match this.
The area in which you live also can have an influence as to what your insurance will cost, which are the Cheapest Car Insurance Locations for Car Insurance, and which are the most expensive? If you are looking to move home, it may also be a wise idea to check out the postcode of where you are moving to, to see if it will increase or decrease your current car insurance.
Also keep in mind that car insurance quote comparison sites, although exceptionally helpful, do not always include a full range of insurance companies as some have chosen not to be included on price comparison websites. Comparison websites allow you to select the options you wish to have in your policy, as well as setting a realistic excess level. Quotes are then provided from scores of providers. However, companies such as Direct Line car insurance have already opted out, so try and establish which companies are missing from the prices you are given and contact them directly. Read on for more insurance tips on how to secure the lowest premiums.

When it comes to car insurance there are certain popular providers such as AA, Admiral, Auto Trader, Churchill and hastings thatcome into mind. However, in your search it is important not to forget that insurance is now provided by many companies including Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's, Saga (over 50's) and Argos. So don't just look in the standard places as you may miss the best insurance policy for you. Follow the links below to see a range of different insurers.

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  • How to save on your car insurance. - 12th October, 2009

    Motorists could reduce the amount they spend on their car insurance, according to the advice of one financial journalist writing for the Independent. Victoria Bischoff urged consumers to shop around before accepting a renewal quote from an existing provider as cheap bargain deals can be found by searching online.

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Updated on 12th February, 2009

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