Cheap car insurance

Cheap Car Insurance

When looking for Car Insurance we quite often ask for a comparison quote and literally choose the cheapest, but will this end up in the long run being the cheapest and the best cover for you?

Before requesting your quotation make a list of exactly what you want from your insurance policy as this will help when faced with many quotes to choose which is the best value for money.

Car Insurance Requirements to Consider

* Is it important for you to have a hire car if something was to happen to your car?

* Do you have breakdown cover, and if not would you like it as part of your insurance policy?

* Have you any no claims discounts and if you do would you like them to be protected if you were to make a claim?

* In the event of a claim could you manage to pay a high excess, or would you prefer to keep your excess low?

* Would you prefer for your insurance premium to be as low as possible by having a high excess amount which you know you will be able to comfortably meet in the event of a claim?

* Can you make your insurance premium in 1 instalment?

* Would you prefer a monthly premium so that you do not have a lump sum to pay?

The reason behind asking yourself these simple questions is that when you have done your price comparison and chosen the cheapest cover you may find when reading the terms and conditions that important factors are not actually covered at all, or that your excess is so high that if you were to have an accident it would cause major financial problems in your household. Insurance is put in place to help you in the event of an accident but if you find yourself without transport (and hire car costs would have to be met by you) or your no claims discount slashed making next years premium much higher then really the insurance hasn't actually served it's purpose.

It is worth bearing in mind that there is often additional APR to pay on top of the premium if you opt for a monthly payment. This will bump up an appealing looking quote, sometimes quite substantially. There are some insurance companies who offer 0% APR to pay monthly, but their annual premium may be slightly higher to compensate for this. Those people who own cars of a lower value should consider that when setting their excess, for example, is it cheaper to purchase another run around than to pay the excess?

You have to keep in mind that low cost car insurance may not always be the cheapest, always read the Terms and Conditions to ensure that it is the right choice for you!

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  • How to save on your car insurance. - 12th October, 2009

    Motorists could reduce the amount they spend on their car insurance, according to the advice of one financial journalist writing for the Independent. Victoria Bischoff urged consumers to shop around before accepting a renewal quote from an existing provider as cheap bargain deals can be found by searching online.

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Updated on 12th February, 2009

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