Exotic pet insurance

Typically pet insurance providers focus on Dog and Cat Insurance, but as we know there are very many other pets which we often choose to have, from Guinea Pigs and Rabbits to Snakes and Tortoise, but would you be able to find an Exotic Pet Insurance Provider?

When your pet becomes ill or has an accident you may not realise just how quickly vets bills can build up. Even though you may have thought about getting your pet insured, you may not have done it due to well known providers not offering this type of cover.

This does not mean that there is not cover available for exotic pets, as there are indeed insurers out there who can provide the cover you require.

How Much is Exotic Animal Insurance

To give an idea of costs you would be looking at around £82.20 per year for a rabbit or guinea pig (which would normally only cover vets bills, Not death or theft).
For a tortoise and covering vets bills only you would be looking at £100 per year, but if you wanted cover for death, theft and vets bills and your tortoise is worth £400 you would be looking at around £135 per year.

And as one last example for a snake it would be around £85 per year for vet bills only cover, or £122.00 for theft, death and vets bills if your snake was valued at £400.
The amount you are covered for with regards to vet fees may also vary between the different types of pets so again, read the Terms and Conditions and be clear as to what you will actually be covered for.

This cover may not seem as expensive as you first thought as you would be looking at paying around £15 per month for a dog, which would total around £180 per year. Though you need to be sure about what exactly you will be covered for as Dog and Cat Insurance does seem to be a more comprehensive cover and vets bills allowance are usually higher than that for exotic pets. Also it is always wise to know how much excess will be charged if you were to make a claim as this may be a deciding factor as to which insurance provider you choose.

Helpful Tip: Be proactive in your pet's health, give them the right food for their size and breed. For example, an older cat has different needs than a kitten; look for cat food that is age appropriate.

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Updated on 20th February, 2009

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