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Home Insurance

When selecting your UK Home Insurance, check if it is cheaper for you to take your Buildings Home Insurance and Contents Home Insurance with the same insurer and also if it is cheaper to apply on line.

Who Needs Home Insurance?

Anyone who has a Mortgage usually has to take out Buildings Insurance cover to comply with the Terms and Conditions of their mortgage provider. However, to ensure your personal belongings are insured you must have contents cover in place as well. If a claim was to arise you will need to check your insurance policy to see which policy that particular item or damage is covered by.
Read on for further information with regards to the difference between Buildings and Contents Cover.

Don't forget that there are many Home Insurance Providers from Tesco to Direct Line, and although it is wise to compare Home Insurance Providers not all insurers are included on comparison sites and so your comparison quote may not actually include the best Home Insurance Provider or the cheapest for you. Also remember that the postcode of your property may effect what you are charged for your Home Insurance. To give you an idea of the difference please read Postcode and Insurance Premiums.

What to Expect on a Home Insurance Policy

Also, as with Car Insurance, ensure you have the cover that is right for you. Most cover includes as standard:-

* Fire, Theft and Flood
* Home contents with new for old replacement
* Valuables with a limit on single items
* Personal money
* Garage and outbuildings contents cover
* Garden contents cover
* Replacement locks
* Freezer food cover
* Hotel or accommodation cover or loss of rental income
* Escaped water location and access
* Personal liability cover
* Third party liability

In addition to the above you can also request further cover such as:-

* Accidental Damage cover (if you own pets, ensure that pet cover is included in either the standard accidental cover or on an additional cover option which you can include)
* Protected no claims discount
* Personal items cover (in the home and away from home)
* Legal assistance
* Increased single item cover if you have valuables of a greater value
* Home emergency cover
* Bicycle cover (this may be included in garage or outdoor buildings cover but always check this)
* Additional garden cover

When your Insurance Schedule arrives, if you have taken both policies out with the same company, you should have 2 schedules, one for Buildings Insurance and one for Contents Insurance. Check all the details! This may seem such an obvious piece of advice but you would surprised as to how many people simply file the paper work sometimes without even opening it. It isn't until you have to make a claim that you realise something hasn't been included which you are sure you selected.

It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that your documents are correct, as if they aren't it will be you who stands to lose out.

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Updated on 12th February, 2009

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