Pet insurance

Pet Insurance needs the same consideration as any other insurance as looking for cheap pet insurance might not end up being the best, and in the long run could cost you more.

Is Pet Insurance compulsory?

There is no legal requirement, at the moment, to have pet insurance for your animal. However, the government is looking at ways to ensure that victims of attacks from animals are better dealt with. There have been suggestions that insurance would become compulsory, but read our article on the proposed compulsory dog insurance for more details.

Choosing The Best Pet Insurance Policy

You need to consider which is best suited for you and your pet and to help you here at Prudent Minds we have summarised what benefits could be included:-

* Vets Fees (could be for example up to 1000, 3000 and 5000 pounds always ensure that existing conditions are covered)
* Death from illness
* Death from accident
* Appeal and reward money for lost pets
* Loss of pet from theft or straying
* Third party liability
* Accidental damage caused by your pet
* Boarding kennel fees
* Holiday cancellation cover if your holiday is cancelled due to an ill pet
* Overseas travel cover
* Helpline assistance such as legal advice, bereavement counselling, veterinary help lines
* Facility to pay the vet direct instead of you paying and then having to reclaim your monies

Always check the excess on the policy of your pets insurance as it can be different for each section of the policy

It may be a good idea to compare pet insurance prices on comparison websites, but you need to be aware that not all insurers appears on price comparison sites.

There are also so many more insurers now which offer Dog Insurance and Cat Insurance, from high street stores such as Sainsbury's, Argos and Tesco as well as the insurance companies you would expect to see such as E&L, RSPCA and NFU. There are even insurance providers who now specialise in Exotic Pet Insurance which includes pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots, reptiles and tortoise.

You may consider having a chat with your local vet to establish who, if anyone, they recommend for pet insurance. It may not be the cheapest, but the Vet may have a good relationship with the company which could aid the claim process if the worst was to happen.

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Updated on 20th February, 2009

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