Travel insurance

Where Travel Insurance is concerned, it is best to decide if you will need Single Trip cover or if you expect to have Multiple Trips in any 12 month period in which case Annual Travel Insurance may be better suited.

Types of Travel Insurance Available

Single Trip Cover

Usually includes medical expenses cover, cancellation cover, 24 hour emergency support.

Annual Travel Cover

This includes the same features as single trip cover, but also usually covers you for as many trips as you like in a 12 month period so long as they do not exceed 45 days. Usually annual cover will include cover for 1 winter sports holiday as well, but be aware that this is not always covered and extra premiums may need to be paid for any holiday which includes an "extreme" sport.

Ski Insurance

Which includes the same cover as single trip cover and also ski and snowboard cover, off piste ski and snowboard cover.

Backpacker Insurance

Includes the same as single trip cover and also designed for long trips and gap years, covers casual work abroad and also allows you to return home without voiding your policy.

Cruise Holiday Insurance

Includes same as single trip cover provides cruise holiday insurance for the under 75.

Golf Travel Insurance

Provides the same insurance as single trip cover and also up to £300 in golf hire equipment and £1000 in owned golf equipment.

Do you remember thinking that there was only post office travel insurance, and that there were no other uk travel insurance providers? Well times have changed and these days you can even pick up travel insurance whilst doing your weekly shop with supermarkets such as Tesco evolving to become travel insurance companies.

When booking a holiday, travel insurance will normally be offered by the company concerned. This is not usually compulsory, although the company will insist that you have cover, even if its not with them. Tell the agent that you will research offers available and get back to them if you need it. Don't be pressured into taking their insurance as it is often more costly than can be purchased elsewhere.

As with any other insurance product always check the cover which is on offer as although cheap travel insurance may be perfect for one person, another may find that the cover offered is not as complete as they would have like. It is always difficult to imagine things going wrong on holiday as you want to enjoy yourself, but a little bit of extra care in checking policy documents may save a lot of heartbreak when away.

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Updated on 5th March, 2009

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