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When you have set a date to get married you have many things to organise, as well as in some cases a huge expense in front of you. Even if you choose to have a Budget Wedding the cost may still be too much for you to risk if something was to go wrong. With this looming over you, you may feel as though it would be a wise decision to take out insurance to cover your wedding, as what would happen if the wedding reception venue was to go bump before your big day, your wedding dress was accidentally damaged or your home was burgled and all your wedding gifts were stolen?
If you would normally take insurance for a short city break abroad as you like to take the side of caution then you really should look to seriously consider the reasons for and against taking Wedding Insurance Cover.

Is Wedding Insurance really needed?

Well before racing out to buy the first wedding insurance policy you can find, you should consider a few options first to ensure that if you do choose to buy a policy you have the most cost effective, relevant policy for you. Although you may decide that you do not actually need to take cover at all!

First of all, you need to make a list of the expenses your wedding has incurred or will incur, then make a note of how you have paid or will pay for each item. The reason behind this is if you have made payments on your credit card and the items have been in excess of £100 but less than £30,000 then you may be covered under Section 75 if the goods you have purchased are not as described, damaged, or the company from which they were purchased goes into administration.

With regards to your gifts, whilst at the wedding venue itself make sure that the venue does have cover for your gifts if anything was to be stolen during the reception, then contact your home insurance provider and ask where you would stand if your gifts were stolen from your home. Many insurance providers do add extra additional cover to your home contents cover if you have wedding gifts in your home, but it is always better to make sure that your contents cover is high enough to cover the value of the gifts. If it isn't ask how much it will be to increase your cover as this may still be cheaper than taking out a Wedding Insurance policy.

Where the wedding dress and suits are concerned, often the wedding dress shop or suit hire shop will keep your outfits until a few days, or the day before your wedding, in which case ask them what insurance they have in place if for example the shop was broken into and the wedding outfits were stolen, or if the shop was to catch fire and your wedding clothes were ruined?

If you decide that relying on other peoples insurance is not something that you are happy doing and that you would rather spend a little extra money on making sure that your wedding is fully insured, then shop around for your policy and compare what the various wedding insurance providers include in with the price of the policy.

Typically you would want to see the following items covered, though you would still need to compare:-
1) Is any excess charged.
2) What are the maximum wedding claim amounts.
3) What the exceptions are (if any) to each section of the policy.

Damage or Loss to Wedding Clothing and Accessories

This will usually cover the Brides Dress, Bridesmaids Dresses, Groom's Suit, Best Man and Ushers Suits, Flower Girls and Page Boys outfits. It should also cover Flowers, Rings, Cakes, Wedding Rings and Gifts.

Read on for more information on what Wedding Insurance Cover is included in Wedding Insurance Policies including Wedding Photographs and Videos, Wedding Day Cancellations and Wedding Day Personal Liability.

As with any other insurance, you really do need to read the terms and conditions and be clear as to what you are covered for as not all policies are the same. When looking for cheap wedding insurance don't just be hooked by the price as what seems to be a cheap policy may not actually offer the cover you expected, and this may make it an expensive policy in the long run, as you may have to end up paying out of your own pocket for a incident which you thought would be covered as standard.

Changing your mind about the wedding isn't covered though !!

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Updated on 7th April, 2009

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